Quick Guide To Cooking

  1. The Health Laws
  2. Types of Cuisines
  3. Herbs, Spices, Seasonings & Flavorings
  4. Types of Cutting

So what is an Adventist Vegan eat? In short, while both the Adventist Vegan and a vegan does not use any animal product, however an Adventist Vegan does not refer to bee products as an animal product like many vegans do. Why? Because honey is listed in the Bible as something to eat (in example Isa. 7:15; Pro. 24:13, etc). Milk and eggs are also listed in the Biblical vegetarian diet, but today the dairy and eggs are becoming more and more tainted with disease, even hormones, pesticides and antibiotics which is unhealthy.

There are different ways to cook which are called methods. Once you have learned a few basic methods to cooking you will find it is easier to cook a recipe and have consistency in your cooking recipes. For example, the size you cut, slice or dice a food provides a consistency of cooking time which is very important. Just as I know rice takes 20 minutes to cook you will in time learn the time it takes for certain types of cuts. Also, I would caution for you to use the same measuring cup in the recipes as measuring cups and spoons can have slight to larger variances in measurements. For instance, I have one measuring cup that measures over 1/8 of cup more than the other cups.

Also, when I first began cooking vegan it was so different from my vegetarian meals and the flesh protein meals I made many years before. Let me share that my meals were not pretty nor tasty, but I learned. We at Light Searchers hope the Quick Guide To Cooking will help you on towards tasty and healthy meals!


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